• Herowl

    Administrating Wikia...

    August 25, 2014 by Herowl

    Somebody may think than being Administrator somewhere is just fame, might and mastership. This is not true. Administrating may be hard. Admin on the Wiki must look through latest changes every day. Then look at what's changed and edit or comment. Also usually keep as point of honor to be on top of any leaderboards, however this is depended by his mind. If on Wiki are any troubles with vandals, trolls or something admin should fix it. Day of any another admin is similar, notice than game developer has to also think about updates and programm game.

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  • Herowl

    Wikia Features

    August 17, 2014 by Herowl

    Some of Wikia features are not working on this Wikia, some work, some are not enabled. However, I enabled only few, those are liked by me and I won't disable them. But I can enable more if anybody wants them.

    Enabled Features:


    Article Comments

    Message Wall



    Top Ten Lists


    Disabled Features:


    Category Exhibition

    The New Visual Editor (still available by clicking on page Edit > Visual Editor)


    So, if you want any of these features on wiki just tell me as a comment to this blog post.

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  • Herowl


    August 3, 2014 by Herowl

    This wikia lacks on content (however there is another wikia for this game not cared by founder). I think than everybody who play this should take care of wikia.

    EDIT: For know Wikia has more content. Thanks to, only person who helped me with Wikia.

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