The storyline of this game is quite long, and includes some sidequests.

Straightforward StorylineEdit


Somebody kidnapps your sister, saying than his master Thrygul seeks for her. The elders of your town said that he was powerful necromancer in Blackfire mountains, far to the north. You must travel there.


You must find passage to Keramore. Kill Gargoon that is guarding the passage and reach Hills of Keramore.


You must unlock passage to Blackfire Mountains. You must kill Azeris in Dwarven Crypt to the north and take dwarven barrel from him. Then you can use explosion of barrel to unlock passage to Shadowdale. You must kill then Bonesnapper standing in your way.


You must find and kill Thrygul. To unlock way through caverns kill Yarlik south-east of Shadowdale, in redfist merchant camp. Find way to Thrygul and kill him. He killed your sister, but for now you must prevent ancient dragon, Bazul raised by Thrygul with blood of your sister, from destroying the world. You must remake only weapon which can kill dragon, Dragon's Blade.


Collection sidequests (all levels)

Infusion sidequests (31-45)