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Online play is an optional feature, allowing you to obtain special equipment and play with friends along with the option to cloud save your game and play in between several devices. You can fight against other players or battle online-only bosses together, it is recommended to play online as it offers online trading allowing you to easily obtain gear, spells or even items. It requires you to set up free account to play, once you create this you'll be able to use all features by logging in.

Online Rare “mini-boss” SpawnsEdit

Online mini bosses spawn in certain areas exactly 1 hour after it has been defeated, you can find one randomly in the island of Flintwood while appearing on a set spot in some forests and dungeons. When you defeat a mini boss, you only receive an Adventure gem with some uncommon treasure, sometimes even finding a Guild Coin, which could be used to buy items online. If you were defeated by an online mini boss you will die as if you were killed by monsters offline.


You can join with other players (3-4 players) to battle against a Boss Level 80. If you win the raid, you will receive Raid gem, some item Level 80 (gems, book, weapon, armor, etc) directly into your inventory and lock out this Skirmish(depending on which one you chose). Your guild will receive Guild points if all players are members of the same guild. Tip: you enter in chat box .inv <name of the player you want invite to your party> and you only can play Raid mode in a safe town(Ex: Flitwood, Keramore, Arcsith,....)

Raid Menu Edit

Raid menu

Skirmish Edit

Skirmish is similar to Raid as you join other players to defeat a boss Level 80, but you can only use your first character to create party online with other players’ (2~3 player battle together). If you win, you will be rewarded with a Raid gem and some Item LVL 80 and lockout this Skirmish (depending on which boss you chose).Your guild will receive Guild coin if all players were members of the same guild. Tip: you enter in chat box .inv <name of the player you want to invite> and you only can play Skirmish mode in safe town (Ex: Flitwood, Keramore, Arcsith)

Skirmish menu Edit

Skirmish menu

Skirmish Menu



Myruuk II Edit
DPR DPR - Enemy: Myruuk

HP: 31,200

Myruuk II is a somewhat simple skirmish which can turn tricky as Myruuk can inflict the fear status immobilizing players, however, this status can be removed with the appropriate cure spell or antidote.

Berserkers II DPR DPR DPR Enemy: 2 Berserker

HP: Two bosses with 50,700 HP each.

It is recommended to kill the berserker in the left first since he is able to debuff characters not to mention it attacks with 2 hits regularly (1500 ~ 3000 damage per hit). The berserker in the hand is slightly weaker, and is only able to cast an aura that deals 200 damage per each hit taken. normally attacks with only 1 hit (1,200-3,000 damage). It is important to communicate and work together to win this skirmish since you should balance between attacking, healing and blocking.

  • 5 enemy support HP: about 14,000 each.
  • Abomination HP: 39,000
  • 1 Banner HP: about 60,000

You must prepare for a long battle. Siege can last more than 10 rounds. It is recommended to use 1 codex per each enemy while saving charges for Abomination which makes it's appearance at last. If you manage to kill all enemies in the field you will win, you should use all codex(not recommended). This boss is very strong although he has a rather low HP, he can kill teammates in a few hits if not blocking. Balancing between codex and blocking is good technique to defeat this boss.

  • 2 enemy reinforcement HP: 7,400 each enemy
  • 1 Boss HP 55,500

This skirmish depends mainly on teamwork since you must output enough damage to kill each enemy joining the battle(by codex mainly,) while damaging the boss. Boss can cast both mana drain and Antithesis. when the boss HP decreases over 80% HP the first enemy reinforcement will appear and the second one when about 35,000 HP. Good luck!!!

  • 1 Boss over 160,000 HP
  • 12 Lava Swirls enemy supports HP: about 1,320 MP: 1,560

It is requires for the Necromancer to have the Book: Grasp of XiXi III to kill the 12 swirls each round(as both books I or II do not deal enough damage to kill them), when running out of Mana the Necromancer must drain it from the swirls and boss while the Wizard casts a medium speed spell Lvl 80(Book: Vin's Fireball)in case a swirl resists the necromancer spell. The DPR should only focus on attacking and codex the boss.


  • Enemy Swirls can kill teammates with only a low speed spell and if they do not cast because of lack in mana the next turn they will attack with fast speed, being able to kill with a single hit.
  • you can replace the Wizard with a Rune Knight if it has high focus and the book "Vin's fireball II" or higher.


Note: DPR (Damager Per Round) is the most popular name for a character that deals high amounts of physical damage. Current classes claimed to be DPRs are Thiefs, Archers, Vikings and Pirates(under debate.)


PvP stands for Player-Versus-Player. When online there is an option to join for a random PvP match in the Online Que Menu or just by asking another player for a duel through a request. The rewards for winning are 1 point of experience and 1 gold coin.

Warning: If you lose a PvP battle outside a safe town you will die as if killed by a monster.

Tip: You can always opt out of PvPing by using the .NoDuel command in the chat screen, This will turn down all incoming duel requests.

2v2 Edit

Similar to a PvP match, except that two players get to fight together against another two. Also you gain more gold and experience points by winning and even a PvP gem in some occasions.

Warning: If you lose a 2v2 battle outside a safe town you will die as if killed by a monster.

Tournaments Edit

Tournaments are a series of PvP matches the have prizes and chest drops for those who get past the first round. There are 16 participants and 4 rounds of PvP matches (8 Matches on round 1, 4 matches on round 2, 2 matches on round 3, and one match on round 4). The winner of each round advances to the next stage and receives a PvP gem and reward for beating their opponent , but this is received after the event has completed its course.Between each round the participants are given 1 minute to prepare their party. What ever you win goes into your online account and the Winner. In Tournament, you can use from 1~4 member your party depend on the tournament you join. If you battle over 25 round, Some monster will appear in your party and opponent party(they very strong and can kill any member in party) but you don't need defeat they to win.

The prize order are as follows.After round 2, you get a Blue chest drop, after round 3, you get a golden red chest drop, and after the final round, the winner gets a gold/black chest drop and 16 Guild Points. The more people online, the better the drops will be. The level of the drop is between level 80, and it ranges from gems,books III and scrolls, to armor and weapons.

You can be disqualified for tournaments if you; Quit the tournament, are busy with another online battle at the time, ignore the tournaments battle request too much, run away too much, or are offline.

Sometimes there is a price of 1 Guild Coin to enter and the winner receives all the bets combined.

Warning: If you lose a duel outside a safe town you will die as if killed by a monster.

- Update: 8 People Tournaments. If less than 60 players online there are tournaments that can only hold eight players. three rounds must be won to win the tournament, if won the amount of GP is reduced to 8, but the prizes are of the same value than the ones from 16 people.

Credit to: FIST, from The Way of the Fist.