Version 1.48Edit

State Krakken Vyku Sea Siren (1) Young Sea Dragon (1)
def ? 459 540
hp 29700 1029 1215
mp - 1215 -
str ? 140 270
dex ? 140 162
foc ? 216 75
wis ? 216 97
vit ? 183 216
res ? 32.9% 16%
lvl 45 45 45
atk melee / splash damage melee / sleep / charm melee / splash damage
  • Krakken attacks once per turn, with a random splash-damage effect, that triggers often: Rage of the Krakken (721 damage/fire)
  • Killing the Sea Siren first is a good idea as she can possibly charm your cleric (if he is in the last position in your party). The Sea Dragon, is, at the moment, no longer a serious threat -- his splash damage is minor compared to Krakken. But you should kill the Dragon anyway as soon as possible after the Siren. As long as you can heal his splash damage, Krakken is a simple enemy to defeat, just keep attacking.
  • Krakken's ability to cure/salve himself also appears to been removed. Lowering his strength and/or dexterity, however, doesn't change the splash damage, so it generally isn't worth it, even if you have an Enchanter in your party.

Version 1.42Edit

Krakken Vyku Sea Siren (1) Young Sea Dragon (1)
def ? 135 180
hp 138402 3659 4559
mp - 5581 -
str ? 131 273
dex ? 120 218
foc ? 273 120
wis ? 273 76
vit ? 179 223
res ? 225 225
lvl 45 45 45
atk melee / splash damage / self-cure melee / sleep / charm melee / splash damage / critcal hit

Depending on your party there are many different tactics you can use to defeat the Kraken. Using an Enchanter, on the first turn, you could try to charm the Dragon and kill the Siren. Following that you will either have to kill the Dragon on the next turn or continously try charming it. This is bound to fail at some point, so it's better to kill the Dragon as soon as possible. Alternatively you can just put them to sleep, which is very effective if you have higher tier sleep spell (III and above).

Using a Necromancer, you can freeze the Dragon and kill the Siren. You could freeze both as well, but if the Necromancer is a vital damage-dealer in your party it is better to cast poisons at Krakken.

Some parties that are good for long-term adventuring, such as tank/DPS/enchanter/cleric, can also be used against Kraken, but will most likely lead to a very long (and tricky) battle.

The fastest way to kill the boss is by using a combination of 3 melee fighters and 1 healer. Viking/Viking/Thief/Cleric has been shown to work, three Viking would probably do as well, if not better. This party, however, will probably need to have a good defensive aura and healing spells.