At Understone there is a NPC that allow you to infuse equipment.

About InfusingEdit

Infusing is just something like weapon enchanting. You give weapon and essence to NPC and get a better weapon. Notice than you can only infuse weapons that you found at Razorfin Cove and cannot be found at Blackfire Valley (or those which can be found in Razorfin Cove and you found on Ice Continent). Essence of Lesser Evil (Essence of Powerful Being?) can be found only at Lair of the Kraken (and Frigid Shores).


Foundable Weapon Infused Weapon
Bloodgill Rod Orb of Dripping Dread
Bloodgill Staff Scepter of Blooming Death

Wavecrash Weighted Club

Ripsword of the Ruby King

Bloodgill Tongue Dagger


Bloodgill Hammer

Bruenor's Warhammer

Bloodgill Greatsword

Twinblade of the King

Razorfin Throwing Star

Smoldering Shuriken

Spear of the Bloodgill

Wavecrash Cleaver Greatblade of the Sea
Longbow of the Tide Recurve of the Ocean
Waterlogged Crossbow Darkwater Crossbow
Bloodgill Battle Axe Bloodwrought Cleaver
Banana Sword Ultimate Banana Sword