Guilds are available online. By joining guilds, you can talk and discuss anything with other players in your guild. Press the green icon on the top right of your phones screen and press register, then confirm it in your e-mail box, after that, log in with your username and password then press online menu and press guilds on the right side of the online menu. Click any guild to view it. To join a guild, persuade an officer, general, or the leader of the guild (you may also mail them) then they will invite you if they accept it. Then press accept after they invite you. If you accidently press decline but you still want to join the guild you wanted, type in world chat .guild join (for more help, type .help on world chat or .guild for guild commands). Edit

Here are some of the guilds which have most users: Edit

  • Apex Legends (Apex)
  • Philippines Pride (Phpr)
  • Blades of New (BoN)
  • GodsBr (---)
  • Blood Ice (---)
  • Horizon